Pub Standards

About Pub Standards

Started in 2005 and taking place on the middle Thursday of every month, Pub Standards is a casual meet-up in a friendly pub or bar for those who work, or are interested in, the web industry.

Who’s it for?

Loosely aimed at web design / development / programming dogsbodies, that doesn’t mean you have to fit into those categories and it doesn’t mean chitchat need necessarily be web-related. Don’t expect structure, don’t expect presentations, just relax with likeminded people.

Where’s it at?

Currently there are chapters in London, Dublin, and San Francisco. Visit their own sites for more details.

If none of these locations are especially convenient, it might be a wildly brilliant idea to start your own chapter.

Upcoming, Mailing List and IRC

To keep abreast of the latest events, fun facts, and inane ramblings, sign up to the mailing list or head over to the IRC channel (#pubstandards on When someone can be arsed, meet-ups will be thrown on Upcoming.


The mid-Pub Standards non-Pub Standards Pub Standards. For the more hardcore, Substandards takes place on the middle Thursday between regular Pub Standards’.

The rules are that, instead of having a number (like regular Pub Standards) it must have a name (such as Substandards Suspenders) and must always be in a different pub. Keep an eye on Upcoming or the mailing list for details, or to add suggestions for names or locations.